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The Town Council approved the Climate Action Plan in March, 2024 - check it out!

Now is the time to act, and Yarmouth is charting a course.

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Climate Change in Yarmouth

Greenhouse gasses (GHGs) create the conditions for life on earth by trapping heat in the atmosphere and regulating Earth’s temperature. However, since the 1800s, human activities (such as cutting down forests and burning coal, oil, and gas) have increased the amount of GHGs in the atmosphere, trapping excess energy and disrupting the Earth's climate. This changing climate brings a range of hazards throughout the world such as extreme heat, intense storms, and rising sea levels.

Yarmouth is already experiencing the impacts.

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Get involved with Town action!

The Town's resident volunteer committee (the Committee for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability) is leading the way on implementing the climate action plan with Staff and Town leadership. There meetings are always open to the public, so stop by to learn more about their work!

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