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Efficient Transportation & Land Use

Nearly half of our emissions come from cars. How we plan for neighborhoods, businesses, and services to connect with each other has a big role in shaping how we get around. We can reduce emissions from vehicles while supporting a thriving, connected community by shifting towards emissions-free transportation and fostering land use practices that aren’t car-dependent.


Bringing transportation emissions down significantly will require reducing vehicle miles traveled (by making it easier for people to walk, bike, and take public transportation) and transitioning vehicles to zero emissions. Forward-thinking land use policies and development practices will balance the needs of our growing community and minimize how our built environment contributes to climate change over the long term.

 The 2019 emissions data includes trips only inside town boundaries, meaning that the parts of our trips out of Yarmouth (for example: to work in Portland, for shopping trips to Freeport, etc) are not accounted for. To support state and national emissions-reduction goals, we aim to also support carbon-free ways to commute and get around in the region.


Replacing car trips with active transportation such as biking and walking leads not only to reduced greenhouse gas emissions, but also to improved health and social connections. Through the Main Street Sidewalk and Streetscape Master Plan, the Town is implementing ongoing improvements to Main Street, such as curb extensions (pictured here), that visually and physically narrow the roadway, creating safer and shorter crossings for walkers while increasing the available space for street furniture, benches, plantings, and street trees.


  • Town Complete Streets Policy and Committee created in 2015

  • New housing located near public transit and trails and extension of sidewalks throughout town

  • Major regional trail connections, the Beth Condon Pathway and Casco Bay Trail, are underway

Our action plan

The Climate Action Plan has goals, strategies, and actions that address reducing emissions from transportation while supporting safe, accessible, and connected options for walking and biking.

Be part of the solution.

Swap an errand or two each week out for walking or taking the BREEZE express route.

Learn more about the rebates and tax credits available now to lower upfront costs of buying an electric vehicle (EV).

GOMaine is your one stop shop for matching car and vanpools, commute rewards, and more.

Efficiency Maine lays out the benefits, range considerations, and cost savings of EVs.

Get tips for safe rides for you and your family.



See the public EV charging station network around Yarmouth.

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