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Be part of the solution.

Help us build a sustainable, healthy, and vibrant community by taking an active role in your own life to learn more, try new things, and connect with others about solutions.

Start by exploring some of the actions you can take that can save your household money, keep our environment clean, and shrink your carbon footprint.

Is there a valuable resource missing here? Let us know! We want to connect Yarmouth community members to helpful information, incentives, and programs.


Cut your energy bills and be more comfortable - all while making your home climate-friendly. 

Installing Solar Panels

Get resources and incentives for equipment and services from heat pumps to LEDs.


Let's transform how we consume products and manage waste so we can reduce emissions, save families money, keep our environment clean, and empower our local economy.

Domestic Waste Bin

We can make sure we minimize trash, recycle right, and reuse and share items.


Understand the risks of climate change for you and your family and get resources you need to be prepared and resilient.

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Staying informed and taking steps now to get prepared can save time and money down the road.


Save money on fuel and maintenance, get an enjoyable ride, and fight climate change.

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Check out the opportunities to save money and travel green.


From the backyard garden to the tidal marsh - we have an opportunity to restore our environment.

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We must take steps to conserve, restore, and steward our essential ecosystems.


One of the biggest things we can do to help the climate is talk about it.

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Share stories and solutions with your friends, family, and coworkers.

Celebrating Community Voices

We know many community members have taken steps to help the environment, reduce their own carbon footprint, and support a connected, welcoming, and resilient community. We are gathering the stories and perspectives of Yarmouth community members to celebrate all the different ways they are making a difference for our present and future.

Do you shop local, help neighbors during emergencies, or plant native flowers? What about walking instead of driving to do errands, installing solar, or choosing electric home systems? Actions big and small make a difference!

Do you have advice to share with those who may be considering taking the same steps you did? Share your lessons learned!

Stay Informed & Get in Touch

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